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Jilted a week before her wedding, a successful ad executive finds everyone around her is suddenly either engaged or married.

Will her new anti-marriage guru be her savior

or something else?

Samantha “Sam” Dennehy feels like the last single woman in New York City.

   It all starts after Sam’s decades-long relationship ends abruptly (FYI: not her idea), and she throws herself into her consulting start-up. The entrepreneur’s 24/7 work ethic distracts her from her broken heart, and her tenuous relationships with her sister and her mother, with whom she is forever butting heads. Thank goodness for her level-headed hippie chick BFF, Lena.

   Eventually, Sam realizes it’s time to get back to dating, as literally everyone in her life—her mother, Lena, her assistant Katie, old friends, colleagues, even strangers in front of Tiffany & Co., is getting hitched.

   Vulnerable, she gets sucked in by her celebrity client, the famous anti-marriage bestselling author/reality show star Hannah Randolph, known as The Anti-Wife.

   At first, The Anti-Wife and her entourage give Sam refuge, helping her out of her workaholic shell and into the Hamptons party scene.

   But as summer wears on and the truth about Hannah surfaces—causing a media frenzy, of course—Sam gets a shot of the reality she needs to get her career back on track and remember who really cares about her. 

   She learns the hard way that following your heart—and not the beliefs of others—is the only way to get to know yourself and what you want.

Fat chick or skinny bitch...These have always been the only options for advertising Account Executive, Trish Collins, who desperately needs to find some middle ground -- with her weight as well as in her life.

A Stay-at-home mother takes on the challenges of middle age, as she hopes to re-enter the business world.

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