In the Amazon e-book best seller FAT CHICK, Lorraine Duffy Merkl dealt with yo-yo dieting and the ups and downs it can have on a woman’s personal as well as professional life. 


Now in BACK TO WORK SHE GOES, she takes on the challenges of a middle age, stay-at-home mother 

hoping to re-enter the business world. But Lorelei Martin doesn’t just want a job; she wants to fulfill the career dream 

she set aside long ago to devote her life to raising her children. 


This is a sensitive, yet humorous, account of the modern working world, which includes LinkedIn profiles, 

younger colleagues, and much younger bosses. Will Lorelei be able to compete or will she see her dream 

of becoming one of advertising’s creative honchos drift away a second time?

Fat chick or skinny bitch...


These have always been the only options for advertising Account Executive, Trish Collins, who desperately needs to find some middle ground -- with her weight as well as in her life.


When we meet her, Trish has lost a well-deserved promotion to a "model" colleague, Chelsea. Then just when she thought only thin girls could make her feel bad about herself, Trish is shown up by a beautiful, poised plus-size model. Literally and figuratively coming apart at the seams, Trish decides to commit once again to a diet.


Her new life begins at size zero, defeating Chelsea at work and finding romance with her personal trainer, whom she believes measures up to her much-idolized father, who died in a car accident when she was a young girl. Unfortunately though, for all the good the weight loss brings, she has become totally appearance-conscious and begins to lose her humanity.


Estranged from her mother, who has always used food-as-cure-all, her best friend, Lisa, her trusted colleague, Byron, and unable to tolerate her younger pal from the gym, Kim, Trish relishes going on an extended, not to mention glamorous, business trip.


Upon her return, though, she is welcomed by tragedy, one that leads her in search of a more balanced life. The first step: Trish must gain back some of what she's lost. The results are worth the "weight"...