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Here's a sampling of essays, articles, and book reviews by Lorraine Duffy Merkl.

The New York Times

Let the Pandemic Apologies Begin

Tiny Love Stories: Our First Days

Mother Becomes a Devoted Team Player

Suddenly, Street Wise

The 5 Boroughs

Zibby Owens: ZibbyMag / Moms Don't Have Time To Write

Handbags: My Favoirtie Measurement of Time

My Favorite Bookstore in New York City Is Not the Obvious Choice

When Granny Was My Kids’ Nanny

Can a Freelancer and the Nine-to-Fiver Stay in Love?

Town & Country

Can a Doppelganger Replace Your Favorite Store?

10 Signs You Are a Monogram Addict

10 Ways The Official Preppy Handbook Changed My Life

Goodbye, Montauk

Even Though I'm a Chick from the Bronx, I Adore Whit Stillman's Metropolitan

Stop Hassling Me If I Don't Feel Like Drinking 

What It Really Means When Someone Asks If Your Bag Is Real

Shondaland  /  The Washington Post  / 

Business Insider / The Conservateur

I'm An Only Child Who Married The Oldest of Seven

ITurning Heartbreak Into Our Big Break

I Cared of My Mother Until She Died Expecting to Feel Free, But Don't.

The Thankless Job of Being Your Friends’ Therapist

Eldercare Burnout: The Help You Need Is For Yourself

ElA Job I Deemed Beneath Me Got Me Through the Pandemic

How to lose your marriage in 5 steps, as shown on HBO’s ‘Divorce’

New York Daily News

The school insanity starts far earlier:

Manhattan parents' jockeying to get kids into pre-K is part of the same problem behind Operation Varsity Blues

Christmas, not only His birthday

When I Danced With My Dad

My all-consuming Christmas ornament obsession: How I became a sucker for decking out my tree

New York Observer

Over 50 and Returning to Work?

Career Experts Share How to Land the Job You Want

Micro-Living: Before the Revolution (and Why I Left The Ansonia)

Seven Life Lessons From an Independent Worker

Our Perverse Obsession With Shape-Shaming a 56-Year-Old Doll

What You Can Learn About Resume Fraud From Watching ‘Suits’

The Outer Boroughs Are Worth Their Weight in ‘Billions’

The Top 10 Things NOT to Say or Do When Accepting Your Award

Praise Harper Lee for What She Didn’t Do


Bustle  /  Marie Claire  /  Redbook  /  Cosmopolitan /

Woman's Day / Good Housekeeping

How I Also Lost My Boyfriend To the Theater

The Big Lesson Learned from an Anti-Bridezilla

Betty Draper's Letter Could Have Been Written By Me

I Ghosted on My Long-Term Boyfriend — and Now I Regret It

This Is What Happens When An Only Child Marries The Oldest of Seven

I Though My Cousin Stole a Priceless Family Heirloom From Me 

I Don't Drink at Parties--But Not For The Reason You're Expecting


BFFs For Never: A Case for Ditching Pals, Like Samantha Did

She’s a Rainbow: Having Fun with Hair Color—Even Gray

Being a Wife—There’s an App for That (in a New Novel)

Twins? Finding Myself in Pamela Anderson's New Documentary

How I Learned to Take Care of Myself As Well As I Take Care of Others

Watching the New Show ImpeachmentGave Me PTSD

What’s Up With the Horror Movie Old, Where Aging is the Monster?

In 2021, Would The Devil Still Wear Prada?

The Ethel  /  The Girlfriend  /  Disrupt Aging

What 'The Way We Were' Teaches Us About Love — Even Today.

The Reasons Why Jamie Lee Curtis Inspires Women Like Me

Why I Will Never Be as Cool as My Mother

WheyStill Single? Youthful Marriage Is Not for Everybody

The Best Part of Being 60-Something

So Much for Sparring Sisters-in-Law, I Love Mine

Confessions of the Invisible Woman

I’ve Suddenly Become My Mother in My Fashion Tastes

Why I'm Thrilled My Daughter Won't Finish College

An Ode To Sports Girls From One Who Is Not

Reunions No More

Rachel Ray In Season  /  The Independent / She Knows

It Took 3 Of Us To Remember The Recipes My Mother Forgot

Like Rebel Wilson, a lot of people I knew wanted me to stay fat

If You're Mad At Ellen DeGeneres For Not Breaking Down Over Anne Heche, You're Missing the Point

I Shouldn't Have Let My Daughter Watch 'The Hills'

Anna Kendrick should refuse to accept

her Spike TV’s Guys Choice Award

Our Town

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy’s Elegant Style Revealed in New Book

The Remarkable Benefits of Walking and Long-Lasting Friendships

When NYC Socialites Reigned--Those Were the Days

Inside the New Barbie Pop Up at South Street Seaport

TThe Farm Life: Surprisingly, Two NYC Gals Still in the Running

Second Hand Can Be First Rate

“The Undoing”: Another Reason For People To Hate NYC

Boomer Mom vs. the Modern Office

My block is a backlot

Reliving 'Desperately Seeking Susan'

When Andy Sachs Met Don Draper

Giving Up Flowers for V-Day

Screenrant / The Things / The Talko

Times SATC Was Problematic / Times It Was Groundbreaking

The Graduate: 5 Ways It's Still Relevant Today (& 5 Ways It Isn't)

Tres Chic: The 10 Best Outfits On Emily In Paris

Mad Men: Times Don Draper Was A Good Guy / When He Really Wasn't

SATC: Carrie's Best Pairs Of Shoes & What They Cost Today

Friday Night Lights: 10 Things The Characters Wanted In Season One That Came True By The Finale

Gossip Girl: 10 Most Heartwarming Scenes Of The Entire Show

10 Celebrities Who Have Written Novels

10 Times Goop's Gwyneth Paltrow Was A #GirlBoss On Social Media

Madonna: From Michigan Cheerleader To Mother Of Six

These Stunning Female Celebs Made Themselves Ugly For A Role

Celeb Mother-Daughter Duos Who Look Identical

Not Just Mrs. Tom Hanks: 10 Incredible Facts About Rita Wilson

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